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A fusion of fine dining artistry and culinary ingenuity: we promise an experience Beyond mere dining.

Beyond Restaurant was conceived to redefine the art of dining in Sfântu Gheorghe, offering a culinary journey that transcends the notion of ordinary. It is a place where innovation and culinary excellence converge, bringing to life a vision that became a reality in April 2024 when our restaurant was inaugurated.

Beyond represents gourmet, sophisticated, high-end standards, which couldn’t have been achieved without Executive Chef Kicsi Sándor’s culinary savviness, adding a new dimension to our culinary palette. This is how Beyond’s journey began – and ever since, food compositions envisioned by our chef and his team continue to be rooted in the explosion of flavours.

Our mission is to provide guests with a truly unique experience – one to be remembered for eternity.

Top-notch dining experience, vibrant flavours, artsy compositions and innovation: these are the core values of Beyond. As reflected through the brand identity, our goal is to elevate every meal to extraordinary heights, turning it into moments of celebration.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Beyond!